Positive And Negative Effects Of Cyber Bullying

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There are more young people that are using the Internet today than there have been in the past. Both mobile devices and the internet, have been viewed as positive aspects of our society. Although having these advancements may seem like a positive thing, this can lead to cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a form of bullying through electronic devices. According to Justin W Patchin and Sameer Hinduja, cyberbullies have used technologies to send threats, spread rumors, or otherwise harass their targets. The evolution of technology has made it much easier and more common for this type of harassment to happen. Cyberbullying has created a negative impact on adolescents. As a result, more needs to be done to address this issue. As a result of being cyberbullied, students often lose their self-confidence, are driven to suicide, and have a negative effect on their education. First of all, students are embarrassed to go to school, and they are scared to be seen by their peers after being cyberbullied. According to Sameer Hinduja, one teenager stated, “It makes me hurt both physically and `mentally. It scares me and takes away all my confidence. It makes me feel sick and worthless.” These adolescents begin to feel unwanted, and are scared to be seen by other people. To add, the victim may be passing their bully in the hallway and not even know it. “The cyberbully can cloak his or her identity behind a computer or phone using anonymous email addresses or pseudonymous screen names”
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