Positive And Negative Effects Of Foreign Aid In Developing Countries

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Positive and negative effects of peace and war Foreign aid is important for financing development programs and policies in the developing countries. Foreign aid has been providing developing countries such as Syria with a source of foreign income (Tung, 2013). Foreign aid provided to these countries are used to fund educational programs, help the country to improve gross national income. Foreign aid from donors are meant to improve the welfare citizens (Baczko, Dorronsoro & Quesnay, 2018). The major question that has been arising is whether foreign aid given countries in war such as Syria is used to promote peace or war among the communities engaged in conflict. Prior to civil war breakout in Syria following 2011 Arab Spring Revolution in which opposition in Arab countries rose against the government, Syria had been a middle income country. The war that has prolonged for over six years and this has subjected majority of Syrian citizens. It has left majority of the population relying on humanitarian aid for their survival in war tone areas (Baczko, Dorronsoro & Quesnay, 2018). It is estimated that about 13.5 million people are depending on foreign aid for their lively. During the peace time the foreign aid was used for improve the economic development as well as enhancing political stability in Syria. Foreign aid are meant to improve the economy through implementation and streamlining public administration, alleviation of the poor living conditions of the people in Syria

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