Positive And Negative Effects Of Globalization

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Whether we like it or not, globalisation is a fact and is here to stay: International trades, transport and personal travel and communication barriers have been more and more narrowed since the end of the Second World War; there is an increasing integration and interdependence of national economies across the world
Politics have also been subject to globalization. Efforts have been made to converge political decisions: There has been an increase in international governmental agreements (e.g. The Kyoto Protocol) which, in 2004, added up to about 26.000; Intergovernmental organizations have rose by the thousands (e.g. United Nations, World Bank, World Trade Organization, Interpol, IMF...)
Globalization affects the economic health and political autonomy of every nation on the planet, but the consequences are much more severe for the countries that are not at the top of the global political and economic food chain. This is to say that the benefits of globalization are not spread evenly among all countries.
When one country or corporation expands its distribution into other countries, the industries of those nations must then compete not only among themselves, but with external players as well. Old industries and companies die; new ones take their place. In the process, jobs are destroyed and new ones created. As a consequence, people get frustrated and blame immigrants and international corporations due to the fact that they can 't match their competitiveness. This, in addition

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