Positive And Negative Effects Of Globalization In Education

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The orthodox view of numerous scholars is that globalization big bang has just commenced in the last odd fifty years. A handful of historians howbeit believe that the term was actually coined millenniums ago, at which time Columbus ' discovery of America and Vasco Da Gama’s discovery of the route to Asia occurred (O 'rourke & Williamson, 2004). This ideology deviation may possibly stem from the complexity and multiplicity of the phrase "globalization” itself. Initially, globalization, according to most economists, refers to merely the rapid growing of trading merchandises and economics integration in a global context. Gradually, by virtues of technological advancements, the conceptual framework of globalization has stretched its arms so far that the term conceivably encompasses the interconnectedness and interdependence within all the existing fields. As its definition suggests, this multilayered phenomenon has left no domains out of it path; yet whether positive or negative influences of globalization are exerted remains contentious for experts. Nevertheless, the current sensational occurrence of globalization undoubtedly reflected a two-sided force in manifold aspects, particularly education and politics. Education is not immune to the influential swing of the integrating and incorporating trend. In the air of internationalization, learners in lower-standardized education system countries are bestowed with a myriad of scholastic prospects. Antecedent to the open
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