Positive And Negative Effects Of Immigration

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The number of immigrants in the entire world is 224 million. To put that into perspective in the United States the population is 323 million people. Also, there is only 65.64 million people in the whole United Kingdom. For some countries immigration is looked at as a must have, but for most it is looked at as a nuisance in the country and a leech on the government. Research has found many different effects of immigration both positive and negative. Research shows with depth the effects immigration has on the economy, the negative effect it has on the governments, as well as, how it affects governments positively, and how countries control immigration. Immigration is a big problem in the world as of today. Immigration is looked at as…show more content…
Australia has had an almost 40% increase in illegal immigrants in 2013. The government has always had a relatively tough control over immigrants, but began to become more strict with the influx of immigrants that started to flow in. As well as, have started to crack down on illegal immigrants with in the country by making more laws and putting in more efforts to find and relinquish them from the country. Denmark has very strict policy to keep immigrants in check and limit the inflow of immigrants into the country. For one immigrants have to assimilate to the Danish culture. Also, immigrants have to be at least 24 years old in order to be considered for citizenship. Another outlook from countries that have not always had strict border policies. Sweden has been very welcoming country for refugees fleeing war torn countries. Since they have become accepting of immigrants, they have had to reconsider open borders because their unemployment rate for immigrant residence is sitting at 16%. Some believe it’s because Sweden had a fast influx of job creation that attracted job seeking immigrants, but in recent years the country has slowed the job creation process and and since been attracting an immigrant population that is very government dependent. Many immigrants that enter Sweden are no longer looking for work, but looking to feed off of the government’s policies that help immigrants in the country. In 2013 the population of asylum seeking immigrants, has risen to 50% or 44,000. This is a large increase and has had a large impact on Sweden because of its small population of 9.9 million. Another country with a relatively open border policy is the United Kingdom. They have saw a rise of immigrants entering the country from 4.6 million to 7.5 million. They have also came to the realization that there are many immigrants with expired visas

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