Positive And Negative Effects Of Information Technology

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1 Introduction
Information Technology was discovered for the sole purpose of human development but today it is considered as a setback by many environmentalists. Basic problem is that, that when technology gets in the wrong hand, the results can be dangerous and can simultaneously have negative impact on the sustainability of human race. At the same time its adverse effect on society can hardly be ignored. Cyber-crimes, hacking, stealing of personal information, MMS scandals, pornography and various other issues have emerged from the misuse of technology. The abuse of technology for economic interest is equally responsible[1].
Various educators feel that the notion of ‘technological society’ is bringing up a generation of kids in front of computer screens, whose brains are going to be peculiarly extravagant. No doubt, today, IT is very powerful tool. It has completely revolutionized human life. But due to its wide application in human life, people have forgotten to live a real life with real people. People are unable to self-express powerfully, forgive others, understand others ' emotions, etc. Firstly we will identify how IT acts constructively and next, how addicted are humans.
2 Inferential Development of IT
IT has made tremendous developments in human life in various sectors like education, communication, health, offices, companies, banks, agriculture, entertainment, science, research, online shopping and still many more. It has increased the potential of human beings.
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