Positive And Negative Effects Of Marijuana

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Marijuana is one of the plants that has both positive and negative side effects for the users. Most people have considered marijuana as a taboo, but the truth is, marijuana is not always illegal; it has been used by our ancestors since ancient times, as a traditional medicine. It has also been proven from laboratory research that marijuana can cure various diseases, including nerve-related disease. Therefore, the use of marijuana should not be regarded as controversial, but as an alternative treatment, especially for the nerve system. In the last twenty years, marijuana has become more effective and addictive. Overusing marijuana for a long term has increased the number of crimes, such as smuggling and drugs; which are considered as negative impacts for the society. Based on the data, the marijuana addicts in the world reached 27 million people in 2012. Moreover, The UN said if 5% of the world’s population have been using marijuana, so it is not wrong if the number of marijuana case always increasing. Simply put, it appears that society has already experienced the negative effect of marijuana and had already set a perception of it; it is shown by the severe punishment given to citizens who uses marijuana. Some countries allow the usage of marijuana; e.g. possession of marijuana in the range of 3-15 grams are considered legal, granting permission to grow marijuana on a certain scale, and the minimum age to use marijuana; yet, there are some countries that forbid the usage of
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