Positive And Negative Effects Of Mining In South Africa

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OUT OF SITE, OUT OF MINED: MINES BRING BENEFITS BUT THEY ARE NOT EQUALLY SPREAD South Africa is known for its extraordinary abundance of rich minerals. Furthermore, the future of South Africa is dependent on mines as they bring in money for the country. Therefore, Mining is a very profitable sector and it also creates employment opportunities; factors which help improve the socio-economic standards of the country. However, despite these benefits, the nature of mining has a negative long-term effect on the environment and its people during and years after the mines are closed. This impact has led to mixed emotions with regards to mining and its practices and as a result the introduction of mining regulations to ensure that the negatives are outweighed by positives. Consequently, although there are benefits from mining, there are several negative effects of mining for the people and the environment which have a detrimental effect. BENEFITS ARE NOT EQUALLY SPREAD To reiterate, the mining sector has benefits but in most, if not all cases it comes at a cost to those who should be benefited by mining the most. Therefore, it seems that the Large-scale mining companies, investors, and the government take precedence and reap the rewards. In ‘’Mining Capitalism: The relationship between Corporations and their critics’’, Stuart Kirsch looks at powerful corporations and how they often misuse their power - according to Kirsch, corporations are responsible for a wide range of

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