Positive And Negative Effects Of Modern Technology

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Despite being designed to present daily life more helpful, mobile phones and other advanced technologies are starting to meddle in the lives of users who do not seem to know when to turn them off. The Internet allows us exceptional access to revolutionary amount of information. However, with its constant distraction and interruptions, the Net is also turning us into scattered and superficial thinkers. In this paper we will largely focus on how modern technology impacts the personal growth of an individual as one of life’s most impressive and incredible phenomena. The technological development has drastically impact the personal growth of an individual, both negatively and positively. We will start by discussing on the negative impact that technology brings, which firstly, is that it causes a withdrawal of certain behaviour towards a person who is being deprived from frequent use of mobile phone and other personal digital assistants. Excessive use of mobile phone is often linked with certain distinctive feature of behaviour, such as utilising something to feel great, developing a tolerance and needing a greater amount of it after some time to obtain the same feeling. A person who suffers from a major phone addiction will usually go through a major withdrawal of these behavioural patterns if being denied to their frequent access to their mobile phones. Secondly, an overused technology strongly impacts people who suffer from anxiety or depression. Frequent users often
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