Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Social media is online platform, which helps people to build online social networking and relationship with other people. Since, social networking has been developed, the range of ages using social media has widened. Few years ago, only adults used to use the social networking, but nowadays, young people and school students also enjoy social media. Therefore, this essay will be composed as three positive effects and two negative effects of social media. Additionally, this essay has looked at future consequences.
When students start to use the social networking, there are several positive results. First of all, social media can help to reduce wasted time, because it can help students to find information more efficiently. Several decades ago, when students had homework they would struggle to find the relevant information on the internet. Organizations have been found to differ (Siddiqui and Singh, 2016). Most students did not have computers, and even if they did, social networking was not developed a lot, then there was only few information in the Internet. Secondly, social media helps young people to communicate and stay in touch with each other. Before the development of social media, young people struggled to have frequent conversations with their friends, but as time has gone by, this problem has been solved. Organizations have been found to differ (Neelamalar and Chitra, 2009). Social networking can also help young people to have better information and help to learn about

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