Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Negative Effects of Social Media A quote by Seth Rollins perfectly sums up the issue of social media in this quote: ¨Social media is great in some ways-if we’re able to spread good messages.¨ The creation and invention of social media have given adolescents and adults the opportunity to sign up for social media accounts, which further grants access to users among many ages to almost anything in the world. With these unlimited amounts of resources, users can comment and throw ideas, whether entirely reliable or ridiculous, into other users minds. This free access to info and criticism leads to many adverse and degrading effects on users and account holders of all ages. Social media has a negative impact on users no matter what age or how long they have used social media. The use of social media has a negative effect on individual users because it can lead minors to alcohol consumption at a premature age, lead to a very high risk of cyberbullying, and also can lead to increased suicide risk among users. One negative effect of social media is the exposure of adolescents to alcohol and alcohol abuse. With social media connecting preteens and young adults, this increases the exposure to activities among peers and friends of users. This exposure leads to other users participating in beneficial activities such as sports, or in harmful activities such as drinking alcohol and participating in events while intoxicated. For example, noted by a study directed by Moreno towards the
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