Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Social Media Nowadays social media is so important to society, social media can be used for update news, communicate with other people, and either, update daily activity in their social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc. In daily life people on average open social media 2 times a day, besides update daily activities social media can be a home for people to start a business or promote their product of social media. Therefore there is some negative and positive effect of social media. Some negative effect of social media is addicted, negative effect for children, cyberbully, and etc. as well as some positive effects of social media are easy to connect with other people, easy for start business and etc. The first negative effect is addicted, nowadays every day people check their smartphone minimum twice a day to check their e-mail, social media, chatting, and others. Especially for youngster they update their activities to social media to get an attention to other youngster. Social media can attract them from particular task, addicted in social media can turn people to anti social personality, from my experience people just antisocial in the real world, but so active in cyberspace. Maybe they thing that cyberspace is more exciting than real world, because they are ashamed to stand in public, and they afraid of reproach. The example of people with the anti-social personality is they always look down when they walk in public, they not confidence when they
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