Positive And Negative Effects Of Steroids In Sports

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In major league baseball the late 80’s through early 2000’s can be described as the “Steroid Era”, in which many athletes were caught using performance-enhancing drugs that resulted in higher offensive performance, especially the number of home runs per season. As professional baseball is getting more and more competitive many athletes look to unethical ways to gain physical advantages over other players by taking steroids. For instance, Mark Mcgwire admitted to using steroids and had a phenomenal increase in offensive statistics in 1998 compared to other seasons. In his season of 1998 he broke the baseball single season home run record of 70 home runs, which was far more home runs he had hit compared to previous seasons when he wasn’t using steroids. Performance-enhancing drugs are used to improve an athletes muscle size, strength, and stamina essentially leading to a greater probability of hitting home runs. When a batter steps up to the plate it is more likely he will be hitting home runs if he was using steroids.
So essentially, when an athlete adds more steroids to their bodies already naturally producing steroids it alters their bodies system, and creates negative effects. Using steroids in the short term can enhance an individual 's performance, but in the long term it creates serious health consequences such as severe acne, heart damage, liver damage and increased risk of blood clots. Despite the serious health consequences, and immoral decision a player

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