Positive And Negative Effects Of Television Essay

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In the 1935, the first electronic television had invented by the man named Takayanagi and it is considered a greatest invention of all the time in the U.S history. The first television has changed the people’s lives in society in the past until to the future. People don’t have to travel far away, what we need to do right now is turn on the television and see all the places that he or she wants to go. It is being seen as significantly valuable and greatest impact to everyone in American society. The invention of television programming can cause both positive and negative impacts on children 's. In addition, the watching of TV has reached an unlimited time in everyday also causes people become more aggressive and more likely to turn out to be more violence which is affected from…show more content…
Kids usually watch television more than adults in the United States about 3 to 4 hours in a day. The amount of watching television has a great impact on the development of children by the using of inappropriate language and sexual contents. In the US and many places around the world show that television movie or gameshow are usually violent to capture on the attention of people. According to the research from the National Television Violence Study said that “Turn on a television set and pick a channel at random; the odds are better than 50-50 that the program you encounter will contain violent material. To be more precise, 60% of approximately 10,000 programs sampled for the National Television Violence Study contained violent material. That study identified an average of 6,000 violent interactions in a single week of programming across the 23 channels that were examined, including both broadcast and cable networks. More than half of the violent shows (53%) contained lethal acts, and one in four of the programs with violence (25%) depicted
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