Positive And Negative Effects Of The Columbian Exchange

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The Columbian Exchange is one of the most significant events in the world in terms of ecological, cultural and agriculture as it had brought two very different worlds together. By discovering the Americas, it had transformed the world. The world would be completely different if not for the Columbian Exchange. The term Columbian Exchange refers to the exchange regarding animals, plants, diseases and food between the New World and The Old World. This exchange was not only for Europe and the Americas, but also Africa and Asia.

Although North America suffered many negative effects from the Columbian Exchange, but it had led them to the discovery of new plants and animals that has been benefitting them until today.

Some of the foods we have today have not been around forever. They had to be brought over from different places. Thanks to The Columbian exchange, crops affected both Old and New World and the one of the major exchanges were plants. The New World had introduced potatoes, corn and tomatoes. In exchange, the Old World had brought wheat, rice and barley. A lot of staple foods and crops were introduced to these two worlds like wheat, potato and rice. By bringing wheat over to the New World, it had flourished under the ecology of North and South of America. With this, it became the fundamental food crop for millions of people in the Americas. By the 20th Century, it was feeding millions of people out of America. Today, foods like bread, pasta and cakes are a few common
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