Positive And Negative Effects Of The Great Migration

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The Great Migration and/in the Congregation

The Great Migration was the migration occurred within the United States between 1910 and 1970 which saw the displacement of about seven million African Americans from the southern states to those in the North, Midwest and West. The reasons that led thousands of African Americans to leave the southern states and move to the northern industrial cities were both economic and social, related to racism, job opportunities in the industrial cities and the search of better lives, the attempts to escape racism and the Jim Crow Laws that took them away the right to vote.
As every social phenomena, the Great Migration had both positive and negative effects; in my opinion the Great Migration can be considered a negative development in the short and medium term, but, if we analyze the benefits brought to the African-American communities in the long term, their fight for integration has shaped the history of the United States in its progress to democracy and civil rights.
The movement towards the North gave many economic opportunities to migrants. From working in farms, they started working in factories. Their lifestyle changed as well.
Although the life in the North was better, it was not ideal. During the emigration often African Americans encountered several kinds of discrimination, both the owners and sellers of houses prevented African-Americans to buy a house close to neighborhoods inhabited by whites. Moreover, when blacks moved
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