Positive And Negative Effects Of The Louisiana Purchase

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The Louisiana purchase happened when napoleon Bonaparte and France needed money for war with the British. they saw no need for the land and figured they would get it back when they went to war with the. The Louisiana Purchase of 1803, america purchased approximately five hundred and thirty million acres of territory from France.The Louisiana Territory stretched from the Mississippi River in the east to the Rocky Mountains in the west and from the Gulf of Mexico in the south to the Canadian border in the north. 15 states were created from the land that was purchased. There was many positive and negative effects of the purchase. At the end of April the American envoys had agreed to pay $11,250,000 for the land. This deal, known as the Louisiana Purchase, nearly doubled the size of the United States. President Thomas Jefferson called it “an ample provision for our posterity and a widespread field for the blessings of freedom.” and it also had fault-finder on both the French and American sides. Explore eight facts about the wars, negotiating tactics and lucky coincidences that made the Louisiana Purchase possible.…show more content…
Another huge pro was the bargan price at which it was aquirerd. At just under tree cents per acer with the incredebly vast five hundred and thirty million acers it was one of Jefferson’s biggest achievements as president. With the Louisiana purchase practically doubling the the size of America and the Louisiana port in the gulf of Mexico everything was looking up
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