Positive And Negative Effects Of Totalitarianism In Society

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From the beginning human civilization, regimes have been changed lots of times. Some communities rise against the regime to have better living conditions. However some of them wants to do it for all society, some of them want it just for themselves. Starting point of totalitarianism came up like that. Totalitarianism is the form of government in which all society is in the hands of the state. In totalitarian society, all of the private and public life are under the control of government. Moreover, government controls science, education, art and private lives of residents to degree of dictation proper morality. The desire of government is limitless. Can you imagine that you are living in these conditions? Most part of your life would be different obviously. Despite some of authorities claimed it has some advantages; there are two main negative effect of totalitarianism on people. First, totalitarianism affects people’s health negatively in two ways. First of all, within totalitarian rules people are under the psychological pressure of government. Firstly, government restricts people’s freedom of expression which is fundamental right. Totalitarianism wants to mobilize entire population in one direction and they do not tolerate different ideas. For example, most of the history books are removed and censored by government. In Turkey, government bought the newspaper companies and they use the media to manipulate people. Secondly, many citizens realizing these
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