Positive And Negative Effects Of Tourism In The Philippines

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Throughout recorded history, tourism has impacted on both positive and negative sides. As there are positive impact and profit in this tourism business, people will start to develop the particular destination. But at the same time, the negative impact will also increase in turns of environment, social and economy. Overcrowding and overuse of natural resources, the construction of buildings and infrastructure, and other activities associated with tourism, produce impacts on the countries. These impacts may be not only physical, but also cultural. And also the problem will increase when the number of tourists is large or the resources are overused. In this essay, is going to talk about the negative impact towards environmental, economic and also social with several case studies.

As operating the business of tourism, it is necessary to use nature and culture resources. But if overusing or misusing these important resources will cause increased pollution through uncontrolled investigation, wastage of resources, traffic emissions, littering, increased sewage production and noise. For example, in Ifugao is one of the six capitals of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), located in the Philippines’ North Central Luzon. It is a landlocked watershed province bounded by a mountain range to the north and west that tempers into undulating hills towards the south and the east. Banaue is the first destination area to be developed in Ifugao. Which is one of the destination have

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