Positive And Negative Effects Of Video Games Essay

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In our time, technology has become one of our essential things in life; specifically video games. Video games are electronic system used to run games. They involve human interaction specially teenagers. Many researches have been done on the effects of video games showing that there is positive and negative impacts. As we know not all video games contain violent contents, but most of them are violent and mentally dangerous. Some researches admit that violent games may cause adolescents to become tremendous. Studies showed that video games increase psychological awakening, it could also increase aggressive behavior, emotions and thoughts and finally let teenagers lose the sense of helping others. All these effects will be carried by aggressive young people. It’s true that video games are violent, but aggressive adolescents are more likely to be more attracted to it. Some games reward players for doing violent actions, so this will affect them negatively, letting them think that violence is normal. A study on two groups showed that the group that plays violent ones, is more likely to think that using marijuana and drinking alcohol is normal and legal, also cheating in many ways would lead them to the right way too. Contrary to researches that exposed negative impacts, others found positive effects related to video games. First of all, it can ameliorate hand eye coordination and eyesight. Also, by winning, good gamers will be motivated and have more self- esteem in front

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