Positive And Negative Effects Of Video Games

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Movies and video games both have the potential to create positive and negative effects on children and we all know that a child’s development is a process that inevitably consists of both positive and negative influences. In recent times studies in Canada came to a startling discovery that children watch more than 14 hours of film in a week and it has recently came to the average parents attention that afforded a choice, children would rather play video games than to watch film, this is particularly concerning in that video games are built to be so attention grabbing that the player can play them for hours non-end without having any concept of time. Thus by the time a child graduates he/she would have spent more time on video games and movies than they would have in a classroom.
The 1970s saw the birth of video gaming, by the 1980s this world saw a major transformation that indicated how daring producers had been in pushing the boundaries of ethics, morals and socially acceptable practices. It appeared that video games had turned for the worst in that they became more violent. This change brought about higher sales then that which had previously been. In 1992 the dawn of 3d brought about the first person shooter experience within the gaming world, this then brought players to a world more lifelike in that it simulated the player seeing the game as though through their own eyes as opposed to

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