Positive And Negative Effects Of Video Games On Children

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THE NEGATIVE AND POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF VIDEO GAMES ON CHILDREN Video games are instruments that most children spend a long time playing with. The number of video game players is increasing in an alarming way all around the world and this has been regarded as one of the types of modern addiction. According to the study conducted by Gentile (2009), the average length of time spent playing video games is 20 hours per week and 72 percent of American households play video games. It seems that with the advances in the video game industry these numbers are going to increase. It is possible to relate this high interest in games with different causes like the stimulation of the feeling of enjoyment. Thus, children find the video games funny due to virtual and sound effects. Also, the pressure for following some trends among friends is a major reason behind children playing video games. Therefore, as this activity has become an everyday life issue, its negative and positive aspects must be taken into consideration. Although playing video games has some positive effects on young people, it can seriously affect children in many ways negatively. Then the most strategic and correct position on video games for humanity is accepting them as a phenomenon in children’s world and trying to utilise those games by noticing the harmful points while not ignoring the beneficial features. DiSalvo (2014) states that one positive influence of video games is providing kids with a way to
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