Positive And Negative Effects Of Vikings Migrations

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Migration Essay Migration. Such a simple concept, yet it has cause so many problems in the past and is still today. Our desire for a new life and the hope that the struggles and hardships of the last drive us to seek out new lands. The migrations of the past helped not only to shape our country, but the world as we know it today. The early Vikings, lived in the years 793 to 1066 in their homeland of Scandinavia and were a very sea based civilization, known for their sea faring skills such as their boats and navigational prowess. However, they also practiced agriculture, but eventually over worked the land. This is just one of the motivations for the Vikings to expand into European lands, as well as to retaliate against them due to previous…show more content…
The Vikings continued their migration into Europe by allying with the Bretons, an ethnic group located in Brittany of France. As the Vikings advanced through France, they took advantage of the current civil wars occurring and in the 9th to 10th century, they raided largely defenseless Frankish towns. “The raids continued for over a century and remains of their attacks can be found throughout France, dating as far back as 880”. The Vikings continued their raids to Italy, and Viking fleets arrived at Liguria Port of Luni and were mistaken for merchants. The Vikings took over the city quickly under the command of Bjorn Iron side in the 9th century. They then moved 60 miles down the Tuscan coast to the mouth of Arno, obtaining control of the city. However, the Vikings had to fight harsh battles in Southern Italy against Italian mercenaries, including the Varangian Guards, led by Harald Hardrada, who later became King of Norway in 1046, helping the Vikings conquer Sicily. However, the Vikings ended their raids due to huge changes in European societies that made raiding less profitable and less desirable. Changes occurred not only in the Norse societies, but also throughout Europe where the raids took place. The Vikings were finally defeated

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