Positive And Negative Effects Of Violent Video Games

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Violent Video Games: The Negative and Positive Effects Do violent video games cause negative ramifications on youth? The public has been in a state of controversy over the effects of video games on youth practically since video games were invented. For the experts who debate the issue regularly, arguments over the effects violent video games have on children take one of two sides- violent video games are either an advantage or disadvantage to children. Among the people who believe violent video games can have a positive influence on children are psychology professor at Villanova University, Patrick Markey and Health behavior change consultant, Cheryl Olson. On the other side of the debate is Iowa State’s director of Psychology, Craig Anderson as well as Brad Bushman, who is the Mass Communications professor at Ohio State University, and parenting blogger Erica Loop. The arguments surrounding violent video games are desensitization, aggression, and lack of motivation- these are all reasons why children should not play violent video games at a young age. An argument can be made for both sides, but it is obvious that the negative effects outweigh the positive ones. Both arguments have three main topics. Markey and Olson both believe that children that play violent video games are still maintaining the same level of compassion as if they did not play those games. They also think that violent video games help children cope with aggressive and provide a safe way for kids to
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