Positive And Negative Effects On Advertising

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Related Studies The study conducted by Johnson, Grier (2012) states that race-stereotyped advertising point out the social impact of these representations and overlooks the positive or negative effect on advertising effectiveness. The research examines the effect of race-stereotyped portrayals on advertising effectiveness among member and nonmember of a group that is affected by stereotyped advertising. The research also integrates on social categorization, consumer identity and advertising persuasion to determine the attitude formation when exposed to race stereotyped portrayal advertising. Moreover, Waller, (2007) states that causing people to take offense occurs when a marketer undertakes a controversial advertising campaign. The study also identify whether consumers perceive gender related products as offensive depending on what kind of advertising execution is presented.
In accordance with Fam et al. (2010), Identifying the effects of offensive advertising and attitudes of consumers, that the religion is one of the working factors that affect the attitudes of an individual towards to an offensive advertisement, and the results shows that the level of religiosity of an individual affects the attitude of the audience and customers that was exposed to an offensive advertisement.In addition to that, Feiz, Fakharyan, Jalilvand, Hashemi, (2013) stated that marketers need to be aware of the religious perception of the consumers in their target market to become successful in
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