Positive And Negative Essay: How Technology Affects Brain Development

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Technology has impacted student’s education by behavior and they 're brain. Education has been an important thing for human beings because we get better jobs, but if a distraction comes and destroys it,then our brain does not fully cooperate with it. It has become an important thing in our life which can harm us and our brains. But, it also changed our daily lives and technology affects the memories towards short-term and long-terms. There has been a negative effect that teenager’s brain goes through and it does not let them think creatively and miss their brains up. Technology can go into positive and negative effect, but one thing that teenagers and parents cannot do is to stop using it for a long time. They get obsessed with it and you cannot get rid of these devices. Technology negatively affects brain development in children because usage affects their learning, and therefore technology use should be limited during children’s formative years.
Students have their attention on phones and computers when they are at school. One negative effect that students have at school is their lack of studies and grades. In this newspaper, it explains how technology has influenced student’s brain. Teachers have been having important points over technology which students spend hours a day (Richtel). Students
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One thing that mental disorder does to teenagers is panic disorder, behavior changes and their eating. Teenagers can have depression and anxiety attack. Anxiety disorders have a lot of symptoms like headaches, back pain and nausea” (Teen Mental Health). It is a difficult thing when teenagers have to go through this process and it takes time to be normal. It can be dangerous and occur for a long time when teenagers have these diseases. There has been” 9 percent of people that have been developed and is a usual stress for everyday life” (Teen Mental Health). Doctors can diagnose these symptoms by
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