Positive And Negative Essay: The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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The purpose of this paper is to examine the advantages and disadvantages of social media. It will cover the introduction, positive and negative effects of social media, its impact on youth, their psychological b¬¬ehavior and the conclusion.

With the advancement in technology, social media is now widely used through websites and mobile applications to increase connectivity and communication between groups and individuals. This includes sharing pictures, videos, voice audio and text messages to exchange thoughts, ideas and as a form of self expression. (%... from slides)

Although social media is the best form of communication, it has also brought many risks. In the past, it took very little to have fun. Simple activities, such as hide-and-seek and hop-scrotch, could bring entertainment all over the world. However, things changed drastically when social media was introduced. It reduced the level of human interaction and people rarely have face-to-face interaction, which diminishes the understanding and thoughtfulness of one person to the other, therefore jeopardising relationships.

The bad side of social media also includes anonymity, where cyber-bullying often takes place among teens on sites such as ASKFM. It has the potential to ruin lives through abusive post and criticism about an
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Class poll, up-to-date annoucements and discussion are shared on sites like Twitter and schools are creating Instagram account to connect with students, promote activities, reach out to parents and to encourage school sprit. In the summary of Dr. Richard J. Light’s (Harvard School of Education) research, he concluded that study suggests benefit of social media in class. He have proven that by having virtual study groups, it is an effective method to increase student learning and broaden their
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