Positive And Negative Essay: The Influence Of Technology

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“Good morning, Henry! Why are you cycling so fast?” “I need to get to Greenfield as soon as possible. The new automobile is too expensive. Besides, even if I could afford it, it will take too long to get one!” From a need, Henry Ford used his creativity to develop and manufacture the automobile that many middle class Americans can afford in a short time. In modern days, technology is a ubiquitous feature for humans. Actually, we can 't live without it. Whether it is in the field of agriculture, education, industry, transportation or medicine, we depend on technology. Technology has invaded our life. We are so comfortable with its presence that it has affected our creativity and communication either in a positive or negative way. First and foremost, technology has made us more creative. We have ideas, we innovate and we invent. With these wonderful inventions and innovations our lives are made easier and more comfortable. For example, when Jack Ma searched the internet for information and finding a lack in it, he was creative enough to launch an online company called the “China Yellow Pages”. Later, he and his team founded “Alibaba”. And so goes the story of the start-up of the 33rd richest man in the world. Creativity in technology is a money spinner. Education-wise, the impact of technology is huge and widespread. In the olden days, the classroom is teacher-orientated. But nowadays, it is student-centred and teachers are just facilitators. Teachers have their own
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