Positive And Negative Impact Of Internet Of Things

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Internet of Things has acquired the market by trying to revitalize the areas ranging from Daily life style, smart shopping experience, smart home and environment to smart city, industry etc. In conjunction to it, considering the flip side of the coin, it has also posed threat to people’s personal and social life. Following are the key points highlighting some positive and negative impact of IoT on some of the essential domains

Positive Impacts on various sectors
• Impact on Daily life style
• Impact on Health sector
• Impact on Education sector
• Impact on Environment
• Impact on Traffic management and control
• Impact on Industry sector

Impact on Daily life style
Some of the largest Tech companies like Google, Apple, Samsung have recently come up with smart products to make IoT a closer reality in all of our homes. Apple developed the HomeKit [21] framework to simplify the current state of home automation. Samsung also offers a home automation platform called Samsung Smart Home [21] which works on SmartThings app which can control your home devices with a simple tap to see all your dumb objects become connected, sending signals to each other and alerts to your phones. Google acquired Nest Labs- the makers of Nest smart learning thermostat [21] which learns house member’s routine and changes the home temperature accordingly. All these products are the direct gateway for Smart appliances to take over your kitchen, bedroom in the most helpful and satisfying manner. Impact

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