Positive And Negative Impact Of Social Media

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Social media, it has become somewhat of a staple for modern life. It is used on a daily basis, often more than 5-10 times daily in the younger generations. Though social media not only is being accessed in the modern world but also in the developing world. Social media connects the world, and ultimately truly globalizes us as a people. As history has shown us social media has been used in disaster relief, armed conflicts and political uprisings. In most all of these cases savings the lives of the innocent. Though social media usage can and has been used for good social media is multi-faceted in the world today. Social media in the modern world has done far less good, social media has on a massive scale, affected the ability of youth to communicate like generations before them. Social media has also had a huge detrimental effect on the ability for youth to have simple, and healthy relationships with other people. Social media provides a vital international connection to earth’s people, and had forever changed the way we live for the better. Social media for youths today has in many ways had an adverse effect on modern relationships. Youth today, for a large part have not had the same experiences past generations have had. Today, people are used to having anonymity, removing the emotions, consequences and reality of their actions. This seriously contributes to the problem of bullying in today’s youths. Not only on the topic of bullying, the effects social media has on people
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