Positive And Negative Impact Of Social Media

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Social Media

Nowdays , many children and also adults why play social media. In social media there are also many positive and negative impact. In addition to many children as well as adults who play social media many of which tell their lives for social media. So in my opinion of social media is not only a negative impact there is also a positive impact in social media. Social media is actually very important for human life. Negative impact from social media is makes human have more selfish and individualism. Many children prefer playing social media than reading books for example playing Instagram, Facebook, and Line. So get human bullying from social media because posting too excess so that occurance of bullying between fellow human beings and than the can have a mental breakdown and end up with suicide. Why human have a mental breakdown and end up with suicide because they are not strong face the bullying in social media so that occurance suicide and mental breakdown. Negative impact for social media can also cybercrime because they are not know people in social media so that occurance cybercrime example hackers. So positive Impact In social media we can get knowledge of existence around as, we can know something that we don’t know for example we can get up to date news from around the world. We can add stranger from social media and makes a new friend in social media. We can also find old friends. We can entertain our self by watch some funny videos or pictures so
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