Positive And Negative Impact Of Social Media

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Social media accounts have many uses, each person uses it in a different way. People use it in many ways like for social activity, communicate with others, share and watch videos, news, and other things. I believe that digital media and technology contribute to my sense of identity. I use this in many ways and also use many social media accounts. Everyone has it 's own point to use it. I use Facebook for games, Instagram for sharing my life with my family and friends on a privet account, Snapchat also to share some of my life with my family and friends, and to see other people life and experiences. Every kind of them shows your identity also it will present you by everything that you post. Social media accounts can be open in many kinds of smartphones, also have many positive and negative impacts. I use galaxy smartphone to open and use those social media accounts. When I decided to post anything at any social media accounts, first I must be aware of what I will post. Because it will show my identity to others, and I have to present it in a good way, because people believe what they see more than what they hear. I have to present myself first in a real way that shows who I am and then posts a real news because if I lie about something that will effect in a negative and bad impact on me and others. I have to choose carefully what I want to post, like posting just my personal life, or some pictures from the internet that have some words or just a picture. If I want to post
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