Positive And Negative Impact On Social Media Privacy

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Positive and Negative Impact about Social Media Privacy

It is alarming how fast technology is improving. There has been much dispute on social media such as, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and others. However, is it technically positive or negative? Nowadays, it seems like having a Facebook account is a daily necessity or even a currently. Ever since the creation of Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets privacy has been non-existent. It is truly alarming how much Facebook has expanded. According to USA Today Editorial Board, " Facebook 's 800 million users are probably feeling a little more secure since the social media giant agreed to privacy measures. . ." (298). Facebook being an essential object for teens today and there have been plenty of complaints about it as well. My stand on the matter is that Facebook is an essential part of many teens lives, and without it they would not have the interesting conversation they have nor, the friendships either, they would not even have the knowledge they consumed on Facebook as well.

The development of social media applications such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., has developed very rapidly both among children or teens. As social network application this of course brings many new effects in the development of adolescents and children, both positive and negative impacts. Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites today is the technology that are popular among children as well as teenagers. It is a must for
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