Describe The Pros And Cons Of De-Extinction

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Describe how human impacts are causing many species to become endangered or go extinct. Humans do a lot of bad things, that cause many species to go extinct or become endangered. One of the biggest problems is human predation. Humans do a lot of harm by hunting. They erased the megafauna mammals of the last Ice Age, decreased the population of whales and other marine mammals, and wiped out the Dodo Bird and the Passenger Pigeon. Another problem is that animals lose their habitat. Mostly, animals need a minimal amount of space, where they can hunt, breed and expand their population. Only one bird can be comfortable with a branch of a tree, although large mammals (like Bengal tigers) need a lot more space. As human civilization expands, these natural habitats diminish - and their restricted…show more content…
Think about both positive and negative impacts, and link it to different factors (social, environmental, economic, scientific, etc.) There is a lot of opinions about de-extinctions. Here are the pros and cons. Pros for de-extinction: Damaged ecosystems will now be restored with the help of the de-extinct species. If we, people, are the ones who made all of these species go extinct, now we have to to bring them back. De-extinction could be a big step forward for genetic engineering and a bunch of other things. De-extinction could offer insights into evolution and natural resources that are currently unavailable to us. It would be very interesting to see a real mammoth in a zoo. Cons: De-extinction is wrong and strange. It is not normal. These species can be a threat for people and our health. Animals can carry illnesses . People could be exploiting animals for solely human purposes, and may cause individuals of the de-extinct species harm. Their habitats and food sources have changed, so their roles in ecosystems could be, too. De-extinction can distract other other science fields, such as medical research (D-Brief,
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