Aspects Of Globalization

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Globalization is something that very common, but complex at the same time. Nowadays, the pace of global integration has increased dramatically. Significant changes in communication, transportation, and computer technology have given the process a new boost and make the world more interdependent than ever before. The term of globalization covers many aspects and changes like social, political, cultural, and economic. It is important for us to know that globalization make the world more connected. All information about others, now can be accessed and gained. The condition has made globalization become important factor in this modern civilization. Whether it is true or not, globalization brings both positive and negative impacts. In this context…show more content…
This event was one of the historical terrorism attack in the world, it was claimed by Islamic extremist group. September 11, 2001, as well as many subsequent terrorist outrages, were perpetrated by al-Qaeda (Iraq). The attack could be the form anti-Americanism by them towards American civilization. We all know that America is superpower country that spread their influence to the world to follow them. Of course this would not be easy if Islamic civilization that has different ideology to follow America style which is freedom in everything. If we have dialogue among civilization this kind of misunderstanding can be prevented. Between Muslims and western civilization, they can talk and create understanding about each other, where they can grow respect between them, rather than attacking each other. Between civilizations, the most important thing is respect, through the respect each other, when it achieved cooperation can be established between civilizations, rather than conflicts that occur today. Civilizations should talk together and find mutual understanding that can lead to advantages for all. Dialogue among civilizations a unique approach, a different mode of communication and discussion, we have to prioritize freedom, equality, solidarity, tolerance, respect for nature and shared responsibility as fundamental values essential to international relations…show more content…
Discrimination among culture and civilization also can be the result of globalization. Globalization now has boosting many things, even Fast-food business now growing rapidly. For instance, many franchise like McDonald, KFC, and others are spread across the world and try to dominate the market. Of course this becoming an issue, where people are colonialized by the junk food, and make it their lifestyle as it is more easy. However the problem is that at some particular country the existence of this fast food restaurant seems to violate the existence of culture in the country. For example in India, there is a belief in Hindu that considers cows sacred, this become a problem when one of the fast food restaurant was discovered to use beef seasoning the products. Then the restaurant got accused by the consumers, especially Hindu people. This issue is confusing, because easily can trigger hates between the civilization, because it can be disrespect for the belief of Hindu, and can create hate to the American

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