Positive And Negative Impacts Of Globalization Essay

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Globalization is something that very common, but complex at the same time. Nowadays, the pace of global integration has increased dramatically. Significant changes in communication, transportation, and computer technology have given the process a new boost and make the world more interdependent than ever before. The term of globalization covers many aspects and changes like social, political, cultural, and economic. It is important for us to know that globalization make the world more connected. All information about others, now can be accessed and gained. The condition has made globalization become important factor in this modern civilization. Whether it is true or not, globalization brings both positive and negative impacts. In this context we can see the negative impacts like; Employment disparity, cultural deterioration, terrorism, and many others. Globalization often considered to focus on the global economy and business relationships. However globalization also has greater correlations between peoples and increased interaction among cultures. Globalization has made the world become…show more content…
This condition has creates employment disparity in certain countries, like for example if MNCs want to find low wage labor they can go to China and others. While the highest position jobs will be on developed countries. This disparity might cause some kind of jealousy which is not good for the society, because the rich seems to becoming richer, and the poor will remain poor. We can also see terrorism that can be caused by globalization. Globalization might accidentally helpful for terrorists and criminals. Because of the concept of globalization is human, goods, information and others are freely travel across the border, people with bad intention can use it as an opportunity and cause
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