Positive And Negative Impacts Of Globalization On Culture

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Globalisation plays an important part in today’s world. However it is still uncertain as to whether or not it is indeed positively influencing the world. Globalisation has advanced remarkably over the last half-century, with the breakthrough of modern technology. Globalisation is the process where the world gets connected, as a result of increase in trade and cultural exchange. Culture, which consists of traits of specific groups of people such as language, religion, cuisine, and social habits, is significantly impacted. The positive and negative impacts of globalisation on culture are found in global understanding, cultural identity enhancement and loss of uniqueness. Given that globalisation is here to stay, it is important for us to truly understand how it impacts us in a good or bad way. Global understanding is the mentality of individuals allowing them to appreciate the history, values, culture, religion and social system of others, which are different from theirs. World peace can be achieved with global understanding and appreciation for diversity. Strengthening of such understanding is critical towards a sustainable world civilization. Globalisation has spread the knowledge and traditions of cultures around the world, binding the society as one. People will be exposed to different cultures, hence able to understand the cause and reason of cultures and better relate to one another. They will be more tolerant towards others, and more willing to look at situation from
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