Positive And Negative Impacts Of Globalization On Ireland

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Evaluate the positive and negative impacts of globalization on Ireland
With the rapid economical and technological development, numbers of people realize that the contact among nations has become closer and closer. Globalization is widely accepted as is a kind of trend toward increased economic, cultural, political, and technological correlation between national institutions and economies (Ball, et al. 2008: 6). Globalization has affected the development of Ireland positively and negatively. I will analyze those advantages and disadvantages of globalization on Ireland, and I will present my own view in my essay.

Globalization has undoubtedly brought benefit for Irish economy. It has stepped forward with regards to economic globalization. Ireland joined WTO member since 1995 Wto, (2014). Nowadays, it has already been ranked as the most globalized nation in the West. According to the globalization index 2010 summary (Irish America Staff, 2013), it was the world’s third most globalized economy measured by GDP (Ey, 2014). GDP is gross domestic product, which is a measure tool that value the services and goods in local economy during one year. (Wild, J.J., Wild, K.L. & Han, J. C. Y. ,2006). The reason for Ireland’s high ranking was due to the good performance of the country in trade. Basically, the splendid transition from traditional agriculture-based economy to trade-based in Ireland, particularly the export sector, keeps dominated by foreign multinationals, exports contribute

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