Positive And Negative Impacts Of Social Media

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NEGATIVE IMPACTS OF USING SOCIAL MEDIA Social media is online media that anyone can use, majority used by teenagers and adults. Everyone can access anything that they want. Social media is a place to socialite, mingle and get to know people or something new. Social media will be connected to the internet, if there is no internet connection we can’t use that. Social media has many types, like instagram, twitter, facebook, line, youtube, and many more. From that, we can access anything. Like searching, streaming, and chatting. It’s also can help us in doing something that we want. Social media makes it easy for us to find something or contact with someone else that far away from us. Social media has an impact on ourselves. Many of the impacts that occur if we use social media properly or wrongly in using it. There are positive and negative impacts in use of social media. A lot of influence that happens in real life if we often use social media, both positive or negative. Because social media can access anything, we must be careful when using that. Do I agree or disagree that social media has a negative impact? Yes! I agree, many people are wrong in using social media. They use social media for cyber-crime or cyber-bullying, fraud, hacking other people’s social media accounts. They can freely use it to take revenge on others or harmful to others. Social media becomes a place to commit crimes against others. Besides that, social media also can make someone can’t pay
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