Positive And Negative Impacts Of Social Media

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The use of social media has become an integral part of the life of many people today. Substantially, social media platforms are expanding outstandingly and gaining popularity and interests of many societies around the world each and every day. Because of the fact that social media platforms were established a few years ago, the most passionate users of such platforms are from youths and teenagers. Currently, there are social media websites as Facebook and Twitter that have millions of active users from all around the globe and their core intention most probably is to generate profit and provide a faster and effectual online interaction between different societies and industries through a plenty of advanced websites, applications, and forms of technology. Although this might be considered upright by people, there are considerable sum of positive and negative effects of such websites on society in general and on youth most prominently. According to various studies, social networking platforms have several valuable effects on public socialization, business sectors, and mass media areas; however, they also enclose some damaging impacts on users as cyber bullying, weak productivity, and a low rate of privacy. All of these effects and much more result from social media platforms through different means.
Social media platforms have made a considerable transformation in the way people communicate, promote a business, target the market, build up connections, and report news and
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