Positive And Negative Impacts Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution was a significant time period in the shaping of today's society. Between 176 to 184, Britain industrialised by the introduction of mechanical production and manufacturing methods. As this process changed society during this period there were many positive and negative impacts, this had a major change in the lifestyle of many individuals living in Britain. Negative impacts included the pollution that had covered cities and contaminated waterways, the treatment of children in factories and the overall working condition in these factories. The happiness of people who found employment was very low and thus there were many unions started to defends the rights of workers.There were a number of positive influences as a result …show more content…

A very large issue that had a lot of bad consequences was the pollution, as a result of factories and homes the pollution in urban areas intensified and was very prevalent this contaminated waterways and resulted in diseases spread by the pollution another effect of the immense pollution where unusual weather patterns like acid rain and smog. The working conditions in factories were very poor as such the machinery and equipment in these facilities had caused many serious injury and death this was due to the poor quality and maintenance in the factory. As a result of this regular occurrence of injury people didn't have the ability to work and where forced out of the workforce, other factories where not interested in these people due to their inability to work, and therefore had no employment often resorting to begging. People in factories were subject to long working hours and in unsanitary environments due to rare cleaning. Parents sent their kids to work in factories at a young age in order to bring money home to support the family, these children were exposed to extreme conditions and were often employed more than their older counterounts due to the low wages that were paid to children, they also had the same long working hours leaving ample time for anything other than sleeping and no education. Children were also beaten in the event that they weren't …show more content…

A turning point in the spreading of the industrial revolution was in 18 when Boulton and Watts steam engines were being exported to France germany and other west european countries, engineers and scientists had previously traveled to britain to learn from the advancements there and try to implement them home with little success but after this point european countries were very keen by the rosect and marked the start of their own individual industrial revolution. The differences between britain and other countries where based on the location and access to natural resources, culture and society and a lot of other

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