Positive And Negative Impacts Of The Russian Revolution

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The Russian Revolution has had many positive and negative impacts on not just Russia itself, but on the world. Communism, created by the Soviet Union as a result of the Russian Revolution, played a large role in the world during the 20th century. For example, communism greatly affected America’s labor movement. Economic strategies also developed by the Soviets made appearances throughout the world and introduced a new way of thinking. During the early 1900’s, Romanov Czar Nicholas II ruled Russia and brought the country to its peak of corruption and oppression. Not happy with the way the country was being run, especially after the declaration of the Russian-Japanese War, a priest lead a group of workers to protest at Winter Palace in St. Petersburg on January 22, 1905. The workers were fired upon, wounding and killing hundreds, which sparked riots across the country beginning the revolution. In October of that year, Nicholas II announced the Improvement of State Order promising the creation of a new government, the Second State Duma, ceasing the riots. The Fundamental Laws of 1906 created a new government consisting of two houses elected by the people which limited the government’s power and gave Russia’s citizens civil liberties. Nicholas II dissolved the Second State Duma over fear of losing power completely and created the Third State Duma on June 16, 1907, that was comprised of electors voted in by upperclassmen who had the same political beliefs as himself. This

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