Positive And Negative Impacts Of The World Trade Organization

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World Trade Organization (WTO) allocates with the global rules of trade between nations, which main purpose is to ensure that trade flows as smoothly, predictably and freely as possible (World Trade Organization, 2015). It consists of 162 members with two-third of its members are developing countries that WTO needs to set its focus on as those countries have progressively become a much bigger role in the global economy, unlike in the past period. Regarding the treatment towards them, WTO has created many opportunities and the drawback simultaneously for the developing countries; therefore, this paper is going to examine the positive and negative impacts of WTO’s policies on the developing countries in the global economy in order to figure out which effect has more impacts. It can be seen that, since its establishment in 1995, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has experienced a great success in terms of dragging more and more countries into its complex, susceptible network of the institution. The rise in the number of developing countries claiming for WTO membership indicates the increasing¬¬¬ weight of developing countries in actively participating in global economic transactions, as well as making their voices heard and influencing, to a certain extent, the organization 's decision making, which is traditionally driven by both mutual and individual national interests of powerful, influential states (Barcelo III, 2005; Page, 2002). Witnessing the expanding membership and

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