Positive And Negative Liberty Essay

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1. Read the following chapter and comment on the connection between social responsibility and the concepts of positive and negative liberty. Refer to at least two ethical philosophers mentioned in the article. Include the concept of neo-liberalism. Social responsibility theory is where "the media take it upon themselves to elevate their standards, providing citizens with the sort of raw material" (Nerone, J 1995). This means businesses should provide what is beneficial for the society by focusing on consumer interest. The concepts of negative liberty and positive liberty is that negative liberty focuses on "freedom from" while positive liberty focuses on "freedom to" live life the way you prefer (C., 2016). Both liberties have advantages and disadvantages. The…show more content…
Do you think community rehabilitation and disability studies students and professionals have an obligation to participate in political advocacy and social movements? If so what type of social action do you participate in or intend to participate in throughout your professional career? I strongly believe that as for being a student studying rehab and disability studies, we should participate. We must voice our opinion and be part of political advocacy and social movements because if this is the field we are planning to work under it is necessary we are exposed to issues these individuals are dealing with. If we have no knowledge on the difficulties they face, I feel like it would be hard to build rapport. Also, having that experience and learning will be beneficial in order to gain public's attention on why we need more support towards people with disabilities. People are still being discriminated towards having some type of disability if we can voice our opinion why it's not okay to treat them differently can also create a big impact on the way they are being treated every single day. If we can participate and be an advocate for social movement then we can help to fill the missing pieces of our

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