Negative Perception Of Ageism

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Negative perceptions / ageism Definitions of the issues Everyone in this world have their own thought, idea, opinion and perception. Perception consists of positive and negative perception. The issue that will be discussed here is focus to the negative perceptions of people towards the aging people. In other words, the negative perception also is known as “ageism”. According to Minichiello, Browne, and Kendig (2000), ageism is a set of social relations that discriminate against the older people and set them apart as being different by judging them with a simple way or just generally. As people live longer in life, the population of aging people is growing increasingly. This will brings to challenges in many areas such as social, economic…show more content…
There have also older worker that is more energetic than the younger worker. Malaysia is no exception to the rule related to the ageism in the workplace and it happen especially at the level of company. According to Yip (2010) that happens in Malaysia, “In many instances, employees in their late 40’s or 50’s find it hard to find a company that understands how valuable they are”. In Malaysia, the government was fears that older workers will keep the youngsters out of work due to the raising of the retirement age to 60 would lessen the opportunities for the young people (The Malaysian national news agency). Gringart et al (2007) had found that many countries already produce the legislation or codes of practice to overcome this problem and to make opportunities for older and younger workers is same or…show more content…
From this issue of ageism in workplace, it will automatically influence the management decision and can have an implication for promotion, recruitment, job security, salary, and termination of an employment. It does not only give big impact to the organization or company, but it may also give negative effect to the older workers. Besides that the ageism attitudes according to Hayes (1993 cited in NCAOP 2005), it will lead to the elder abuse. When there is always judge the older people by assumption rather than reality, this may lead to treating the older people in particular way such as prohibit the older person from doing activity because perceived that they are

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