Positive And Negative Reinforcement In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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What makes people do the right thing vs. wrong thing or wrong thing vs. right think in general what makes people do the things that they do? Victor Frankenstein creates a monster thinking would turn out to be a good outcome instead resulted in a backfire. The creature turns out to become evil as things lead him into seeking revenge on his creator Victor. Positive and negative reinforcement end up turning the characters to seek revenge amongst each other. Going from a happy living like to a messed up crazy life Victor had to go through this because the decision of creating his creature. Throughout the book, positive and negative reinforcement was used in many different ways. A way it was shown negatively was by Frankenstein’s character and his passion of seeking revenge against the monster which he has created. Before Victor created his monster he was living his life happy and had very good relationships with his family. Not only did he have close relationships with his family but also very much so with Elizabeth, and his closest friend Clerval. The type of relationship he shared with them guys all changed and disappeared when the monster began to seek revenge on his creator and began going after all Victors friends and family that he loved very much. But, although, Frankenstein craves revenge his creation also wants to seek retaliation. Throughout the story both good and evil difficulties manage both the creature and his creator to obtain revenge amongst each other.
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