Positive Aspects Of The Use Of Technology In Ericsson Case Study

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4 Positive aspects of the use of technology in Ericsson:

Communication technology has played a vital role in revolutionizing the communication process. Electronic communication, like text messages, email, and social networking websites, has enabled the organization to become more connected. Technology contribute positively in following core communication aspects;
4.1 Development of successful communication strategies:
As human communication occurs at various levels so technology facilitates in addressing complex process of communication at intrapersonal level, interpersonal level and organizational level including the mass audience.
4.2 Privacy and workplace monitoring:
It helps in creating security of information, the productivity of employees and legal protection through strong documented evidence to the organization.
4.3 The Internet and beneficial online behavior:
It gives employees access to the global information and strategic analytical activities. An employee at Ericson is able to use the internet with the controlled right through the IT division.
4.4 Online banking:
Another timing saving and better treasury management aspect of the technology is online banking. Now floats like cheque kiting and other floats are managed through online banking and provide controls over the banking financial transaction to the company.
4.5 Message to everyone/specific group:
Email to everyone facilitates management to transmit a common message to a group of person or every employee

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