Thinking: The Importance Of Positive Thinking

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The emphasis here being ‘provides satisfaction’.
Ok, so you get some satisfaction out of recognizing ‘thinking’ about the persons problems and ‘talking’ about them with someone else. This probably means you still think empathy is a talent, so ‘do’ something about your friends’ problems. Go to the third step in the process, ‘Do something’.
Can you find a way to help this person? Do they need money, someone to talk to, or maybe just to be left alone? The answer isn’t always that you physically ‘do’ something, the answer can be that you care enough about the situation that you gave it a lot of thought and even discussed it with someone. Don’t take this the wrong way, inaction can be the wrong solution, but there may be nothing you can do to
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You have probably heard the expression ‘do the right thing’ in reference to your actions in life and the business world. I believe that action during your thinking process helps you to create and keep a positive attitude. Why think something through if you know how you are thinking about it is wrong? For our discussion on positive communication, that would be nonsense. One last comment on ‘doing the right thing’; if you consciously think of always ‘doing the right thing’, take it one more step and realize that you can add ‘it doesn’t have to happen’. So the new saying for you to have in your mind would be ‘do the right thing, it doesn’t have to happen’. Using your mind in a conscious way is a very powerful tool in creating and keeping a positive attitude and to solve problems in a disciplined way. If your thought process is deep enough for you to, not only, ‘do the right thing’ but includes continuing the thought process to consider any consequences so ‘it doesn’t have to happen’, then you have taken a huge step in controlling your thinking and keeping it positive. There is some good information on doing the right thing so it doesn’t have to happen in the story “The Flight Attendant” under “The Stories” section at the end of the book. There is also some good information on thinking in the story called “The First Chatham A’s Game” under “The Stories” section at the end of the book. This story demonstrates how emotional talents sound and how people think and speak to
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