Positive Behavior In My Classroom

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Behavior Plan
Also, my classroom has positive or negative consequences based on how the students behave. Positive consequences consist of the students having a good grade for conduct on their report cards and making students ' progress. If a student behave well, he/she has a chance to be team captain for the week. Also, the student can select an item from the treasure box, or they can have free time on the computer. Another positive behavior consequence is they could get a lunch date with the teacher. The last positive consequence is that the students get to participate in the extra activities such as attending a field trip. The negative behavior consequences might not guide you to have good grades on your report card as well as for your conduct. Instead of calling parents or guardians to tell them how well you are doing in the class, I will have to call them to let them know how their child 's behavior is affecting their grades and that I might need to schedule a parent-teacher conference with them. Based on the severity of the behavior, the student will get what they call a SCAM. The students might even get suspended. Also, the students will get excluded from class and school activities. The students need to use the proper academic language in school. I make sure that I model the appropriate way to communicate.
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I use the smart board so the students can follow along on the problem that we are working on. In addition, the students enjoy going to write on the smart board. Another technology that I use is the paper clicker. After the students solve the problem given to them, they select one of the multiple choice answers presented on the board. With my phone, I scan the student 's cards. Instantly I was able to see who got the answer correctly. Also, I use a desktop computer for the student to do their I-ready work. Some of the low technology that I also use are the smart boards and different
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