Positive Behavior Support Analysis

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Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is a system used within schools to help identify students with behavior challenges by using a behavior management strategy to reinforce their behaviors through positive interventions. The matrix for the schools will state the expectation in all areas of the school by doing their best, being responsible, respect and on time. This model is school-wide focus, which means all students is require to follow the matrix to demonstrate positive behaviors in the school. Each column, which is arrival/dismissal, bathroom, cafeteria and classroom is list in the specific areas for all students to see and follow, for instance arrival/dismissal will be in the hallways, bathroom in the bathroom, cafeteria in the cafeteria and classroom in the classroom. The matrix will not fix all behaviors occurring in the school, but it will allow students to visually see how to act while being in a certain…show more content…
Students who is observe displaying act in the PBS matrix are able to earn tickets. The tickets the students gain are able to be cash out by participating in an activity and/or event. There are some areas in the PBS system which needs to be recognize before deciding how to implement the incentive. For instance, some students who receive a ticket may display a behavior which results in a detention and/or suspended which will eliminate them from participating in the incentive of the PBS system. As a consequence, those students will become careless in the PBS system as they are being double punish for an incident. In another case, there are schools who observe a students academic success in report cards and state testing to determine if the student will participate in activities and/or events regardless if they have the PBS tickets to attend. This system also allows the students to not care about the PBS tickets as it does not benefit them through their
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