Positive Behavior Support

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There are many ways in which a classroom teacher can create a culture of positive behavioral support for students. The teacher can create these supports with or with out the school system having this policy. One of the most important ways for a teacher to establish this positive support is by having the expectations present for the students, so they understand what is expected of them individually, and with other classmates. If the students don’t know what they need or should be doing, and how they should be acting towards others in the classroom, then it may not be fair to the students if they get reprimanded. It also creates a negative environment when the teacher is constantly saying reprimanding the students, telling saying, “no” to everything. In some classrooms it is beneficial to hang the classroom rules on the walls, or bulletin boards, and go over them day to day. As the students get better with the positive behaviors in the classroom, the reciting of the expectation can decrease.…show more content…
This way that student becomes a model for the others, and the others may then want to be apart of that positive reward. In the video, “Creating the Culture of Positive Behavior Supports,” by Gray Olsen, and Paula Baumann, they discuss the important of positive reinforcement when trying to create positive
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